Topics to Choose for Your Psychology Research

Psychology is a complex course.  Despite many studies and books out there, psychologists are still scratching at the surface of the human mind.

Because of the course’s complexity, it is expected that a number of your professors will require big projects like a research paper.  Because of the reading involved and analytical thinking required, it is a great way for students to gain in-depth knowledge about the course.

Topics to choose from

Since research papers can be difficult, a key tip is to pick something you like.  The more interested you are in the issue, the more enjoyable it will be for you to research.

The following are some psychology topics that you can choose for your paper.

Relationship Topics

A strong marital relationship and a healthy, happy family are highly desired, but difficult to achieve.  This is why relationship columns, parenting books, and TV discussions about family life are so popular.  The following are some family and relationship topics to consider:

-How do mobile games affect family ties?

-How do families today deal with depression in the family?

-What coping mechanisms do parents of disabled children have?

-How does divorce affect future relationships?

-What can be done to make co-parenting more effective?

-How is the married couple’s relationship affected once the children leave home?

-How does family size affect children’s self-esteem?

Development Topics

A very big concern for parents and teachers is how to raise and educate the next generation.  This has become especially challenging today as kids are influenced by a variety of stimuli. Here are some interesting topics on development:

-How do learning disabilities in a child affect the siblings?

-Are children of separated parents more prone to bullying at school?

-Are children today more anxious about high school than before?

-Are superheroes helping or hindering children’s development?

-How are parents educating their children on discrimination?

-How is media affecting teenagers’ views of social issues?

-What learning difficulties are children experiencing in school today?

Work-related Topics

After the school years, work becomes a very important factor.  Aside from providing both needs and wants, it also affects a person’s self-esteem and social standing.  These are some work-related topics to research on:

-Is anxiety among employees today a bigger issue than before?

-How do younger workers perceive “success” in the workplace?

-Are workplaces today sensitive to the needs of single parents?

-Are eating disorders an issue in particular work industries other than entertainment?

-How is the rapid development in technology affecting work stress?

-Are customers’ mental health issues affecting how businesses operate?

-How is the rising importance of machines affecting how employers value their employees?


The topics above are possible options for your paper.  Though they are not necessarily “controversial,” they are issues that society today is concerned about.

You may choose to use them, tweak them to your needs, or pick something entirely different at  What matters is that you are enthusiastic about your topic choice as that is the first step to having a great psychology research paper. However, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you don’t have enough enthusiasm to write the paper on your own.

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