Topic Choices for Your Business Research

When studying business in school, a project that will be assigned to you is a business research. Many professors today require students to each research something different, and then share what they found to the class.  Aside from each student gaining much insight into the topic they choose, they get to hear about other topics from their classmates.

Making that choice

As many study sites will tell you, when given a choice, pick something you are curious about.  While this is undoubtedly true, perhaps something extra to add to that is to select a research topic that may help you when you graduate.

For example, if you see yourself trading forex or stocks after you graduate, then select a topic related to that.  If you have future entrepreneur plans, choose something in that industry.  This is a strategic way to get a good grade while learning something you can put to use in the near future.

So consider this advice as you browse some recommended business ideas for research.

Corporate Topics

Many who take up a business course plan on entering the corporate world, working with a multinational company or a large local company hoping to make a big splash in the international scene.  Here are some topics you might be interested in:

-Insider trading: How do you know if you are crossing the line?

-Are BPOs really helpful to companies that hire them?

-Is social media turning the tide for large companies?

-How can you stem a high turnover rate?

-Expanding overseas: Is it really worth it?

-The IPO: When is it not good for a successful company to go public?

-How important is branding when selling common products to the national market?

Entrepreneurial Topics

Some people would rather be the boss than an employee.  However, running a business is not easy.  The following are some entrepreneurial topics to consider:

-Is it better to compete or just buy out local competition?

-What are the best methods for a small business to scale up?

-What are the pros and cons of running a family business?

-How effective is the government in helping local businesses in your community?

-How necessary is it to have a business degree to run a successful start-up?

-What are the industries where a small business can still compete with big players?

-Why do some successful small businesses remain small?

Business and society

Business affects society and vice-versa.  Knowing how different factors interact can be of help to a business graduate.  Here are some possible topics for this:

-How is corporate social responsibility affecting multinational companies?

-Is it always wise for countries to enter into multi-country trade agreements?

-Why do some societies put up with monopolies and duopolies?

-What factors cause a society to raise the minimum wage?

-Are franchises hurting business innovation?

-Is the new generation of employees adapting to company policies? Or is it the other way around?

-Is nationalism a hindrance to true economic growth?


Remember, your business research paper does not always have to be a meaningless academic exercise. If you choose a topic well, your investigative research can contribute to your future endeavors.  So reread the suggested ideas above and consider what may be of help.


Topics to Choose for Your Psychology Research

Psychology is a complex course.  Despite many studies and books out there, psychologists are still scratching at the surface of the human mind.

Because of the course’s complexity, it is expected that a number of your professors will require big projects like a research paper.  Because of the reading involved and analytical thinking required, it is a great way for students to gain in-depth knowledge about the course.

Topics to choose from

Since research papers can be difficult, a key tip is to pick something you like.  The more interested you are in the issue, the more enjoyable it will be for you to research.

The following are some psychology topics that you can choose for your paper.

Relationship Topics

A strong marital relationship and a healthy, happy family are highly desired, but difficult to achieve.  This is why relationship columns, parenting books, and TV discussions about family life are so popular.  The following are some family and relationship topics to consider:

-How do mobile games affect family ties?

-How do families today deal with depression in the family?

-What coping mechanisms do parents of disabled children have?

-How does divorce affect future relationships?

-What can be done to make co-parenting more effective?

-How is the married couple’s relationship affected once the children leave home?

-How does family size affect children’s self-esteem?

Development Topics

A very big concern for parents and teachers is how to raise and educate the next generation.  This has become especially challenging today as kids are influenced by a variety of stimuli. Here are some interesting topics on development:

-How do learning disabilities in a child affect the siblings?

-Are children of separated parents more prone to bullying at school?

-Are children today more anxious about high school than before?

-Are superheroes helping or hindering children’s development?

-How are parents educating their children on discrimination?

-How is media affecting teenagers’ views of social issues?

-What learning difficulties are children experiencing in school today?

Work-related Topics

After the school years, work becomes a very important factor.  Aside from providing both needs and wants, it also affects a person’s self-esteem and social standing.  These are some work-related topics to research on:

-Is anxiety among employees today a bigger issue than before?

-How do younger workers perceive “success” in the workplace?

-Are workplaces today sensitive to the needs of single parents?

-Are eating disorders an issue in particular work industries other than entertainment?

-How is the rapid development in technology affecting work stress?

-Are customers’ mental health issues affecting how businesses operate?

-How is the rising importance of machines affecting how employers value their employees?


The topics above are possible options for your paper.  Though they are not necessarily “controversial,” they are issues that society today is concerned about.

You may choose to use them, tweak them to your needs, or pick something entirely different at  What matters is that you are enthusiastic about your topic choice as that is the first step to having a great psychology research paper. However, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you don’t have enough enthusiasm to write the paper on your own.


Useful Advice for Your Analytical Research Paper

A very common assignment in college is the analytical research paper.  This writing assignment requires you to view an issue from multiple angles before coming up with your logical conclusion.

It may sound easy enough from the viewpoint of a seasoned professor.  But if you are like most students, especially those in courses where academic discussion or debate is not essential, an analytical paper can be quite tough.  Take a look at the following advice to help you with your paper.

Advice #1: Pick an interesting topic (if possible)

Depending on the professor, you may or may not be allowed to select your topic.  Some teachers give a list of debatable questions to choose from, while others allow you to pick something connected to a particular theme.

If you are given a choice, be wise and pick something you are interested in researching.  Since lots of reading will be required, the process will be less stressful if you are intrigued about the topic.

Advice #2: Get multiple sources

A good paper requires several resources that discuss the different angles of the problem.  These need to be credible sources such as journals and books, not personal blogs or the editorial of a newspaper.  Oftentimes, your teacher may require 3 to 5 sources per side.

Although these sources are mainly for or against the issue, there may be additional views out there combining both thoughts or introducing something unique.  Consider all of them as each viewpoint will give you a better understanding of the topic.

Advice #3: Use formal language

Academic papers require formal language. Don’t include slang or colloquial terms, and you should avoid idioms and clichés.  Your paper must also be in the third person.

Part of formal writing also means adhering to a style guide (APA, MLA, or Chicago Manual of Style).  Take note of this at the start to avoid needless revisions later on.

Advice #4: Stay objective

As an analytical paper, you need to remain objective when you discuss the different sides of the issue.  There is no need to insert your emotions or personal thoughts about the matter.

Advice #5: Be logical

A good analytical paper makes sense logically. To ensure this, you need to first write down the different viewpoints and organize your thoughts.

It helps to make an outline before writing.  With an outline, you can easily see the strengths and weakness of your paper.  And as you write, the outline will keep your argument straight and true compared to figuring things out as you type.

Advice #6: Edit your work

In a big writing assignment, errors are inevitable.  While grammar checking programs are helpful, they don’t always catch everything.  You need to read your paper again, or go online and let professionals proofread my paper to ensure you locate mistakes, including ambiguous statements that will confuse your reader.


The thought of making an analytical research paper can be quite overwhelming, especially if it is your first time.  But it doesn’t have to be so difficult if you follow the given advice.


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